Welcome to the word kingdom! Live communication also needs words.

5. December 2022

A picture says more than 1000 words? The other way around it also becomes a shoe. When messages need to be brought to the point, emotions should be triggered or content should be conveyed as clearly as possible. Unfortunately, the word has lost its appeal in recent years and is perceived by event managers and customers as more of a “necessary evil”. How much cooler and more appealing are original visuals, stylish moving images or media fireworks. How much more tempting it is to generate new visual worlds as a web designer or creative director instead of going through the hassle of finding words. How much more wow! as a text creates a crazy motif. In one way or another the disappearance of the word was initiated. Content is king: This basic rule of communication is all too often forgotten. And so it flickers and flickers, flashes, flashes and zooms at trade fairs and events – until we lose sight of the meaning because of all the images. A successful claim. A provocative headline. A rousing speech. Cleanly researched and seriously edited topics. These often neglected communication elements give an event substance and depth, give the company a voice and use what is often superior to the inflationary madness of visualization: language. Images open up scope for interpretation? Words do it too! Subtexts, reading between the lines, successful word games or smartly formulated statements are intellectual pleasures that make the difference. Text is the basis for dialogue and interpersonal exchange. It is the medium through which we pass on knowledge, communicate and build relationships. Text is what defines us anthropologically and frees us from instinct. So let’s get the word out. Let’s use the well-maintained sentence structure for understandable messages. Let’s say it when we have something to say. Let’s roam the word kingdom and cultivate word choice and wit. Let’s allow for fair exchanges of words, let’s be eloquent and confident in our texts. Because one basic rule still applies: whoever writes stays.

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