Bosch Measuring Technologies – Virtual Management Meeting


Digital management meeting for Bosch measuring technology

Actually it was planned as a live event in the beautiful Allgäu…. then Corona crisis came. However, a cancellation was not an option for the decision-makers at Bosch Power Tools: important issues were on the agenda, sales had to be prepared for the new products in 2021, and the team had to be motivated in the long term, especially in these difficult times. Passive streaming with no interaction was unsuitable for this informative and highly emotional focus.

Discussing topics together, asking for opinions and obtaining sales commitments: These communication goals could only be achieved through a specially suitable format. In addition, it was necessary to take into account other framework conditions such as the customer’s request for the integration of virtual conference rooms. BRAINWAVE therefore developed an individual solution for 60 participants from sales and marketing. The result: two exciting days with some lectures, a lot of interactions and virtual workshops in small groups.

At the core of the concept were specially developed digital workspaces that enabled visual collaboration in a wide variety of group sizes. Innovative teams who work together on topics, solve tasks and want to find groundbreaking solutions through visual thinking are thus provided with a powerful tool.



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